Life Update – April ’07

Well, it has been a long time, but so much has happened.

Over the holidays I painted the entire downstairs of my townhouse. I repainted the living room a brown and stripped the wallpaper in the kitchen and then painted that a beautiful Italian gold and continued that color into the hallway. I accented the colors with one small red wall that you see upon entrance of the house, and the runner rugs that line the hallway have a yellow beige and red that matched perfectly. I bought two new votive holders that are circular and hold many different candles. One is in the breakfast nook and one is in the living room. I also changed out my picture for a beautiful round wrought iron mirror that makes the room a little more like a home. I just got a clock for the kitchen and when I get new hands for it, it will blend beautifully.

I also adopted the stray cat that I had been feeding for over 4 months, and let her stay in the house at night. Luckily she is already doesn’t need house training, because nothing inside looks like where she goes to the bathroom, so she scratches or meows when she needs out. It is great. I don’t like the smell of a litter box, and didn’t get an animal for that reason. This way, she stays outside during the day when I’m gone, and she comes in when I come home. She is almost always waiting for me, and she has this great mouse that she loves to bat around like crazy, so she is like having live entertainment without the TV.

And speaking of TV’s, I finally have a new LCD TV. I bought it with some money I had gotten, and it is a 27″. It is great! I also got cable, and Hi-Speed Internet at home, so now I feel like I’m in the 21st century!! πŸ™‚ And just yesterday I decided to switch over to Verizon, as I get a 15% discount from work and a lot of my friends are on the Network. So, with that I get a new phone tomorrow and a much smaller bill from now on! πŸ™‚

God has also been working in my personal life. I am getting to know a man that I have known for over 3 years, but just suddenly we have had opportunity to get to know each other better, and he has expressed interest in getting to know each other as friends. It has complications as he is a single dad with kids, so there are a lot of different things to think about, but I have had his son for 2 years in my Sunday School class, so there is a relationship already there with the kids, and I know that that is a good thing. As for walking forwards slowly, I am happy about that. We have many things in common, and we can talk for hours without running out of things to say. That is so important to me, and it was to him as well. God is leading this and I am content to let him take this at a pace that is very comfortable, and just let Him suprise me along the way if that is his will.

Last but not least, is my job. I am doing very well in my new position, and I am enjoying the new challenges. I am happy that the sickness and being out of work is over, (there were a lot of things going around and I was out for about 5 days total in 3 weeks.). I was so behind, and the catch up was hard, but I am glad for the new challenges, and the last year that has prepared me for so much of this year. God has been so good. I have good friends in this department, and now lunch buddies to enjoy the day with. It has been a good change, and the challenges keep me busy. My days go by very quickly now.

And speaking of work, it’s time I got back to it. See you next time.

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