Back in the game

Today there are many changes since the last time I wrote. First and foremost, I found the one I am now spending the rest of my life with. We got married on September 13th, 2008 and have now been married for over a month. The transition is still under way and it is amazing that learning to love someone unconditionally takes effort that is not my own. Only through daily committing this relationship to the Lord, have I been able to continue to walk and learn and grow. I am excited that there is now someone to share my thoughts and dreams with but that also means taking their thoughts and dreams into consideration before my own…a thought that is very against today’s line of thinking. However, I’m not in it for anyone else but Lynn and I! This is a journey of love and joy, heartache and loss, learning and growing that will only get better and stronger as we journey every day together with God as our center!!

There are now three, yes, three cats in our household! I took in a stray a few years ago and kept two of the kittens that she had. My parents now have mom, and my friend has the remaining two kittens. They are 1 year and 5 months old now, but as frisky as ever…however, two weeks ago, my husband brought his cat Gwyn to live with us as well. She is a Mainecoon and she is 7 years old, but she is very social. So far no fights have broken out and no signs of blood, but my cats stay pretty clear of her. The girls seem to dislike each other the most, whereas Stormy seems to be okay with her as long as we are all in the room and Gwyn is keeping a bit of distance. It has been an eventful life, and we always have entertainment, so staying home is always fun now!! 🙂 Not that we mind!! 🙂

I have already had the first fire in our fireplace, and even a second and third, but since the weather has warmed up, we haven’t had anymore…maybe next week or the following. I’m ready for a cold night to snuggle up under lots of blankets!! 🙂

One of my next items that I would like to purchase is a camera. I’m saving my change for it and trying to take some to set aside so that maybe by next year I can get a new camera and then begin my dream of taking photography classes. Not sure if it will ever be more than a hobby, but it has always been something I have enjoyed and I would like to take it a step further in the coming years. I just know that the camera I have is good for now, but I would like to have one to develop my skills with more.

Well I best sign off for now. More later…I promise! 🙂


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