Future Use of Pictures

Today I took my embossed cards down to Earth to Old City to sell. I put 18 sets out for sale, 4 different sets, selling at $7.95. I would like to someday soon, make these cards, photo cards that I can sell of my own images! Today’s card business is the one thing that I know that I will do with my photography. How that all works out down the line is yet to be revealed.

I am praying that if this is a venue that I should pursue, that God would bless this it. So now it is His hands. So for now I have to sit back, make more cards, and see how this goes. I have more cards to make as my father-in-law’s friend makes rubber stamps, and she has made a few for me.

So I’m off to make my embossed cards!! See you tomorrow with more pictures!! 🙂


One thought on “Future Use of Pictures

  1. Wow Noelle, you photos are really sharp – you have a great eye for color and contrast….Look out Getty!

    May God bless your new photo biz..


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