Snow in the morning!

It was a crazy day this morning as when I awoke and looked out the window I saw something in the tree which looked like frost. My first thoughts were “oh no the flowers”, but after a minute of looking I got out of bed to better inspect the tree. It was snow! There was just a bit on the ground, not even covering, but it was snow. This TN weather is crazy!! I thought maybe I’ll capture a great snow image this morning, but there was nothing to be found as the snow was melting fast and it really wasn’t even that cold out!

The snow for today has been long gone but tonight however they are calling for frost! Ahhhhhh…I hope that the parks and the gardens around town cover the tulips and protect all that they can! It would be a shame to lose all of the flowers and blooming bushes to green and no more blossoms! Oh well, it is what it is!

Tonight we get our taxes back from a friend who prepared them and will be sending them in tomorrow morning. I think it’s time to start a countdown to getting my famed Nikon D90 that I have dreamed about and saved for since the fall of last year!! I’m happy to say that I will be paying for it in cash!! (DAVE RAMSEY all the way!) I am going to then save and buy the 50mm f/1.8 lens from Neil Schulman, my good friend and fellow Nikon user! His skill puts mine to shame, but he has been a great resource to learn from.

After that I will be saving for the external flash, a remote and a Nikkor 105mm Micro lens. That will allow me to do close up work on flowers, which we all know that I love to take pictures of!! 🙂 Oh, and today at lunch and I am taking my money to Pellissippe to pay for my class that starts on May 27th. I’m so excited!! I have to fill out my paperwork here at work and then I’m on my way! I’m excited to have a student discount as well!! 🙂 That will help a lot in the purchase of many things and photography memberships in this hobby/career of mine!


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