In the Waiting

My husband and I have been patiently, (and sometimes not), waiting for the Lord to open a door to a full-time job for him, especially one in his field.  After 7 months of waiting, God has opened a bunch of doors to multiple potential jobs.  Some still require testing, interviews and waiting to see what God has in store, but to see God moving has been amazing.  The neat part has been that God has done this all in a matter of a few weeks.  So in a matter of days, weeks or months, our lives have the potential of shift and sway in many ways. 

We are still waiting to see what God has in store for Lynn, but he has been blessed by doing a good job where he currently is, and the Lord is rewarding him in his faithfulness.  There may be more reports to come, but for now that is all I want to say with so many things hanging in the balance.  God has been faithful and will continue to be faithful.  I know that the Lord has great things for my husband to do in this world! 

We would appreciate prayers for wisdom in the coming weeks and months, and I will update you as I can and as the Lord opens doors.  May we listen and ask for the Lord’s guidance, and follow Him through in the ways and places that He has for us to go.  I ask that fears would be stilled, and peace would fill our hearts as we, especially Lynn, follows his leading.

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