Looking to Move

I have loved this place that I have called home for 5 1/2 years, but  now it is time to move on!  My husband and I both want to get a nice place that is neither mine nor his, but ours!  A fresh start, a nicer community feel, more ammenities, and hopefully affordable!!  So I’m ridiculously spoiled after living in my 2 bedroom townhouse that I have rented for under $500 a month without a single raise in the rent!  I know that the price of living has gone up, but so has the desire for a safe and nice neighboorhood.

This last year has seen an increase in children in our area, an increase in disrespect and the latest has been watching animals that aren’t cared for or loved!  We love and care for our animals, and hopefully will do so as well if someday we have children, (mind you that is far off down the road for both of us!).   We want the security of knowing that we are in a good caring community. 

So we have begun to look for apartments in the area.  What we want and what we can afford we hope will line up!  A few places we have already eliminated, and there is so much we have yet to even look at.  Praying for the right place and the wisdom to know where God wants us, and that we are wise with our finances in the preparation stages as well as the decision. 

This old apartment holds many dear memories, so share a story if you have one!!!  I will miss it, but I look forward to seeing what new things God has for us in a new place!


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