I promise that I have not been idle these past few days, and I apologize for not having more pictures posted on the site, but I hope to soon.  Work has been crazy and  I have started my photography classes at Pellissippi.  I am learning things and trying my best to put them into practice right away!  I am learning to slow down and think through the shot and line up the shot or even plan the shot before taking it.  I love catching everything, so it is a challenge for me. 

Last night after class, Sherry and I went to the pond at Pellissippi and took pictures putting into practice what we learned in class.  Mostly he focused on shutter speed last night, so I took a picture panning and was able to get the blurred background and the car in focus.   We played with making the fountains look silky and trying to freeze the fountains in the pond, but since the clouds were still in the sky and it was 8:15 when we got there, 30 minutes before sunset, we didn’t have the best light for our lenses.  However I went and got my 50mm f/1.8 and we were able to see the difference that you can get with a much lower apeture  f/1.8 as compared to our others lenses which only got to f/4 or f/3.5 as the minimum respectively.  We had a lot of fun and we hope to get more opportunities to get out of class early and practice.

This weekend I am going to practice taking silhouette shots and try my best to get some great ones.  All practice for next weeks e-session with Beth and Greg.  I’m so excited.  We are going to the gardens, railroad tracks and a cafe for sure.  I’m not sure where we will get the silhouette shots.  That will be found after some scouting for the best location and light at the time we are going to do the shoot in the city.  I’m so excited and nervous and a little scared all rolled into one!!  More excited than anything.  I have my shot list, (that keeps growing) and since I know the personality of one and the story of their relationship, it makes it easier to tailor the shoot to them.  I just hope that I can get on my camera, the pictures that I see in my head! 

Well, I hopefully will post more pics tonight or soon, but my parents are coming in town tomorrow for an early birthday visit/celebration/furniture bringing.  I am looking forward to having them at our new place and getting their help in some organizing and putting up the pictures in the best places.  I want to leave room for some of my pictures though…maybe someday! 

Ta Ta for now!!  🙂


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