Great Backlighting

Great Backlighting, originally uploaded by noelleW.

Here is another good shot that I liked of us at the RR tracks!! Finally after many attempts and different angles, this was my favorite. I was able to get some good backlighting and I love the trains in the background.

Again this picture was cropped…you should be able to see all of April!


2 thoughts on “Great Backlighting

  1. You can show the whole picture by a tiny bit of easy editing. Bring this entry, or whichever one you want to edit, up in “Visual” mode and then click on the picture. That’ll bring up a page to make some edits. What I usually do is click on 90% of the original size and it shows the whole thing. You might have to experiment with the % depending on size you upload. Ought to be same for you as I see we’re using same WordPress template.
    BTW, you have some really nice pictures here. You obviously know what you’re doing.

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