Engagement Photo Shoot

The engagement photo shoot went really well!  I had a 3 1/2 page shot list and I didn’t do all of them, but tried to stay in the moment and let the flow of energy come as it did.  It was so nice that my friend Crystal at work, came along and helped me out!!  Super wonderful as she had some lenses that I got to try out like the $1800 70-200mm f/2.8 lens!!  That was a handful!  I so want that lens now that I have tried it out, but will have to settle for borrowing it or renting it when I need it the next time.  Crystal got some great pictures of me taking photos!!  😉  I look hysterical as I try to get angle shots and capture more than just the normal things that you would see.

I have so much to learn technically on the camera!!  It was so fun to have such a great couple as the ones I got to practice on!  My wedding gift to them is the photos that I took.  They are getting married next month on my mom’s birthday, July 16th at a private ceremony!  They are such a sweet couple that the Lord brought together.  It was great to finally meet Greg and see how much of a compliment that they are to each other.  

One of the takeaways for me from the photo shoot was that I need to take the time to set up the shot, just a bit more until I master the camera’s modes.  I had a few great shots but didn’t have everything perfectly set, so captured a few that were a bit blurry or some that were too dark or too light.  Altogether I’m glad that I am having a chance to evaluate the pictures and see what I am doing right and wrong, but it is something that I am taking so much away from every time I shoot intentionally instead of just for fun.  I am loving this line of work!!  🙂  Just wish it were my day job.  Will post more pics of both the engagement session and the bridal shower next.  

Until next time…


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