I have moved into a new world and am the proud owner of an iMac!!  I love the look of my pictures on the iMac as compared to a PC.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back!!  I have it set up and configured and look forward to playing with the newly downloaded 30 day trial of Photoshop CS4!  It has so many things that I don’t even know what are!!  I have a CS3 book from a friend so I can hopefully decipher some of the uses, and I think I may have to go online and watch some of Scott Kelby’s “how to’s” on Photoshop.

I am looking forward to playing with layers and vingetting and oh, the possibilities are endless!!  Can’t wait to get more engagement/family/portrait sessions set up so that I can continue practicing. 

Speaking of practicing, I took my first test at school last night and I think I aced it!!  I’ll have to see how the grades come back on the photo assignment that I had to do.  Some of the picture I took at the engagement shoot worked for the assignment, and others were harder to capture.  I find it harder to shoot intentionally and capture exactly what you want when you have an assignment, but I love that it is training my mind and teaching me to be a better all around photographer, and it helps me to set up the shot in my mind and in person when I have an assignment or someone that will be potentially purchasing my work…I am much more critical then. 

Well, hopefully I will have new and different pictures to show off soon…just a few more of Beth from the shower and then on to more assignments and practice.


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