Proud Owners

Proud Owners, originally uploaded by noelleW.

Allen and his wife, whose name is escaping me at the time, started this business in a dream over 3 years ago. They bought the space on Gay Street and began the renovation process. The process involved a wall caving in and lots of discussions with the historical society, but tonight their dream became a reality as Coolato Gelato opened for the very first night, Thursday, June 25th, 2009.

They are located on 524 South Gay Street and after tasting the ice cream, my friend Eleanor and I were sold. We met Allen and spent some time talking to him and I discovered that they lived in NJ for a number of years, just down the road from the high school that my father taught at for years, North Hunterdon High School.

They are originally from Chicago, but they have spent time in Italy researching gelato in it’s true form in Italy, and also studying coffee and they have not only ice cream, but food and coffee!! 🙂 For those reading this, you know that I LOVE coffee!! I didn’t try it tonight, as we had just come from Remedy, a cafe in the old city, but I plan to head back and get a cut from Coolato Gelato on my next trip downtown!

I hope those reading this get a chance to try out this amazing place! They have a great bar area as well as booths and tables, and even opera singing waitresses!! The place also has WiFi, so if you need a place to hang your hat while catching up on your email or business needs, dash on in and grab a bite!!!


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