Working and Editing

My husband has been working nights this past week which has not had us seeing each other that often, but after a night of just pure relaxation on Wednesday evening (the first in awhile), I spent last night working on and editing the remaining pictures from Beth and Greg’s e-session.  It was nice to finally have it all done!  And I’ll post a few more when I can on this site.

This morning I spent time at a photo shoot with my old roommate Merissa and Kevin and their son Colton.  He is just nine months old, born the week after my husband and I got married.  He is cute as a button and growing like a weed!  They decided to wear orange as Merissa is a UT fan, and we had a great time with him in the swing, playing with his new Penguin bank, and with bubbles in the front yard.  Sneak peeks will be on the way soon!  

I hope that you enjoy the pictures!  As for me, I think I will head out to enjoy some fireworks.


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