Shots and Photo Assignment

Yesterday was a great day to get some really neat captures with my camera, both in the afternoon sun and in the evening rain!  I loved it!!  One of my photography shooting assignments has to have lighting play a strong role in the picture, so I captured some neat pictures in the rain, and some great ones in the afternoon sun.  I’m looking forward to heading downtown tonight to capture more unique shots, since my hubby has to work late. 

I only had time to upload the pictures last night, but I look forward to some editing time to get them up on the screen for your viewing pleasure!   I have a busy life with work, school and a new marriage.  I am enjoying the pursuit of this hobby and I am enjoying turning it into a business.

Stay tuned for the WOW photo too.  I hope to get that one up soon…after I take it, but the assignment calls for me to “Take a picture that you think has impact, one that will arrest people’s attention and hold it.”  I’m not sure of what I plan to do here, but my head is spinning with ideas!! 

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Stay tuned!  🙂


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