My Camera Bag


My Camera Bag, originally uploaded by noelleW.

I can’t help but say that this is by far one of the best gifts my mother has ever made me…well, minus the cat quilt, and the wall quilt…etc. Needless to say, I have a very talented mom, who is not only very gifted, but very generous. She never charges for her gifts, but the caviot to that is that she only makes and gives them to her friends and family. Our house is sprinkled with her loving touch.

I also got a second purse for my birthday, well they were both for my birthday, I just got one early. That one has my second favorite thing all over it. Coffee cups!! 😉  (I bet you never would have guessed!!)

So this post goes out to my mom!! I love you mom and thank you ever so much, (I know I can never say it enough), but your loving gifts are an ever present reminder of you in my life!! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. I love you mom!



5 thoughts on “My Camera Bag

  1. I had thought about suggesting to you to ask your mom to make you a camera bag, but never took the time to write the note….so glad she fulfilled your need, and in such a beautiful way! I have a lovely bag I use every day that she made for my birthday.

  2. I’ll post the other one someday too. She also made me one covered with coffee cups!! Perfect!! I carry my camera in there! 🙂 Ironically!

  3. WOW, I sure would love to be YOUR mom!!!! What a thoughtful thing to say. Tears in the eyes. Love you to the moon and back. I can die happy now 🙂

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