Picture Taking Extravaganza!!

These next few weeks are jam packed with lots and lots and lots, (did I say lots), of photography sessions and events for me!  I am so thrilled to be doing this!  I feel so alive behind the lens of the camera.  Tomorrow morning I get the privelege of photographing three best friends.  The weather looks to be perfect and with a new lens to play with that is on loan from a friend, there will be some great images captures!!   Saturday afternoon I’m sure I’ll capture a few of my dear friends who are getting married too, but just for fun.  

I’m headed home to VA to visit my family on Sunday and I’m doing a photo shoot of my niece and family shots of my brother, sister-in-law and niece who are east from California for a visit!  I’m so looking forward to capturing my niece in pictures.  I’ll get some good ham and cheese shotsof her but I’m hoping that this year I can get some beautiful grown up ones too!  10 years old! 

Next up I have an engagement session and potentially a bridal session.  Then I follow that up with a maternity session with a soon to be mom and dad in Kingston.  I’m excited to shoot in a new location and try so many new things with my photography!!  Beware if you are a friend and you have a lens that I might want to borrow…I may come a calling!!  🙂   After that I’ll be photographing my husbands best friends wedding, not as the primary photographer, but as a friend capturing images both at the rehearsal and at the wedding.  I’m so excited because I just ordered my brand new Nikon SB-900 external flash, and since their wedding is at 7:00p it will be nice to have that for evening and indoor shots!  The wedding is outside in Johnson City and the grounds are beautiful!!  Can’t wait to capture images of our two dear friends as they join as husband and wife! 

So what can top that…I’m not sure.  But after that weekend, school resumes, and it will be a new season of finding a balance between work, school, time with my husband, time with friends, working with the junior high kids at church and doing my photography!!  I am prayerful that the Lord will lead me in the right directions and that He will let me know when too much attention is being put on anything. 

So this is the discovery of how Noelle Bell Photography will begin and when.  I’m excited for the future, and although this may be only a job done on the side for now, I will love every minute from planning out a shot list, taking the pictures, shopping for accents, planning my marketing strategy, budgeting for this to begin, editing the pictures, to the happy expressions on my clients face when I hand them a print.  Thanks to all of those of you who support and encourage me, advise and critique my work, and walk this journey with me.  I hope you find it as exciting and new as each new picture!

Until the next time!  🙂


One thought on “Picture Taking Extravaganza!!

  1. HI Noelle,

    My husband and I are good friends of your parents. We want to wish you all the luck with your photography business. They are beautiful and I see that you are as talented and creative as your Mom and Dad. Your husband has a very busy woman on his hands. Good luck in school, etc.. Yes balancing everything is difficult, but remember the prize at the end. Looking forward to your future progress.


    Carol & Jim McLaughlin

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