Big Eyes, Goofy Grin

This is a classic silly face that my niece always has at the ready!!  She was trying to give me a look, but decided to be silly instead.  She wound up laughing so hard after this shot!!  I tried to recreate it, but to no avail!!  So just for the fun of it, this is my niece, silly as can be!   But I wouldn’t take her any other way!!  Besides, she loves taking pictures, so maybe someday I’ll have her working with me in the field!!  An aunt can dream can’t she?  I taught her about ISO this weekend.  Her point and shoot goes up to ISO 1600.  Her restaurant pictures actually came out pretty good, although grainy.


2 thoughts on “Big Eyes, Goofy Grin

  1. I loved all of the pictures of you niece!! Precious. Football shots… also great… such vivid color… did you saturate?

  2. Just a touch of saturation. She has really blue eyes, and since she was on the ground, the reflection of the open shade enhanced the blue, along with the blue outfit drawing the color out as well. I just try to get close up. I’m not a fan of wide angle shots when it comes to kids. The more you see their face, the more you see the emotion.

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