Classes & Waiting

Tonight is the first day back for the second semester of classes towards my degree in photography.  Tonight is Advanced Photography and tomorrow will be Intro to Mac.  I am looking forward to learning more and being surrounded with other photographers.  Looking forward to getting some practice in this week too with Sherry.

As for the waiting, I am waiting for the Photoshop CS4 that was ordered to come in.  It was due in last week to Pellissippi, but now is due in this week.  I have a ton of pictures to edit and I can’t wait to get working on them! 

One other thing that I am planning to do is to build a portfolio of the best of the best of my work from the summer.  I want to see my growth, and I know that from the time I first got my camera till now, there has been a vast degree of improvement.  I will continue to learn and put into practice what I have learned, but I think it would be good to reflect on the best, and in 4 months take another look at my best and see where it is that I am growing and how I still need to challenge myself to grow. 

Stay tuned for more pictures soon!!  🙂


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