Katie Lewis Maternity Shoot

I’ve been wanting to blog these for so long, and I’m finally done with the set.  I have some of the pictures of on Facebook, but I love so many of the shots!!  I’m posting here because I have been lax in posting on my blog.  Time to catch up!!  I hope you enjoy the shots from this session.  Katie and Davey were such a wonderful couple to work with!  We had so much fun, took lots of breaks, and enjoyed the cool breeze coming off the water.  It definitely helped for a pregnant mommy in the hot summer evening sun!!  Thanks to you both, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Beautiful Thoughts

Love Intwined

Private Moment

Family Frame

Bridged Love

Visions of the Future

Silhouette of a Family

3 thoughts on “Katie Lewis Maternity Shoot

  1. Thanks! I loved the colors in the sky, and I am a huge fan of silhouettes. I did learn that when a women is that far along in the summer, it’s best to be by the water where the cool breeze cools off momma! 🙂

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