Apologies for my absence

This month has been busy so far, and I apologize for my lack of photos up on the blog.  I have missed it too.  There is a fine line to balancing a marriage, a full-time job, going back to school, cooking for the household and working on my photography on the side as well.  There are some nights I just want to spend with my husband, some nights I need to cook meals for the week, some nights I have to take pictures for a photography assignment, and some nights I just need to relax and do nothing, (although I admit I don’t do that very well). 

Hopefully tonight will also result in me finally getting Adobe Bridge working and I will be able to open my pictures from this past weekend.  We had a beautiful time getting away for the weekend in beautiful Black Mountain, NC.  We rented a cabin for 2 nights and had friends join us for the second night with their beautiful 3 month old baby boy!  Henry is precious and we had so much fun getting to spend time with him and his parents. 

So here’s to hoping tomorrow you will see more pictures up on the blog!!  Keep an eye out for them!


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