The mother of my cats was a stray I took in that was pregnant.  She had 4 kittens, and shortly after they were grown and she was back to wandering around outside she disappeared.  A phone call 3 months later (as I had all the kittens and mom fixed) from the Charlottlesville, VA animal shelter and she was found.  Mom and Dad said they would pick her up for me as Lynchburg, VA was only an hour and fifteen minutes from their house, but two days later she was their cat!!  🙂  Her name was changed and she became known as Zip to them.  Here she is!!


2 thoughts on “Zip

  1. What a cool cat! Should have called her Chipper, since the chip probably saved her from a lifetime in a kitty-condo in Charlottesville! We’d prayed about having another cat, but kept talking ourselves out of it. Obviously the Lord’s sense of humor really made it clear that this was THE cat.

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