Finally Pictures!

Today I’m finally updating my blog.  Lots to catch up on, but for now I want to share some pictures of the snow and ice and our beautiful visitors.  The first shots were taken at 6a in the morning…yes I did get up that early, well a little earlier than that, and yes it was freezing!!  🙂  I drank 4 cups of coffee when I came back in and huddled under a blanket.  My husband and I went out around 8a and captured more.  Here are my favorites from the snow and ice of January 31st,2010!

The three pictures of this tree are straight out of the camera with a few minor tweaks.  The first I saturated and turned the exposure up a bit so it wouldn’t be too dark.  All of this is a tree at 6:30a with a lamp post lit right behind it giving the tree the illumination.  The second is pretty much untouched.  The third is the same picture of the second, but I changed the white balance and came out with this fun rendition!  I hope you enjoy!

Here are the ones from later in the day when my husband and I went for a walk.


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