Beans & Rice

Last night I spent time shooting coffee beans and rice for a commercial photo shoot.  Here are the two final images.  Which one is your favorite?


5 thoughts on “Beans & Rice

  1. Will have to look at them again later. I don’t trust the monitor here at work. I am leaning toward the coffee.

  2. I like the spoon color on the rice but overall I believe I like the colors in the coffee picture. The rice seems to blend in the background and does not pop as much as the color contrast with the coffee.

  3. beans! maybe a different color background for the rice would give a little more contrast. I love the coffee beans though 🙂

  4. I agree about the rice on the white, it blends with the back ground. The coffee beans may be a little over exposed. I think toning it down a little will bring out a richer color both in the beans and the spoon.

  5. As suggested, I will try to reshoot the rice tonight on all three other backdrops. I have red, navy and black. I wish I had green. I’ll post those selections tomorrow hopefully.

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