Lunch Wanderings

Okay so today I’d like to tell you a story.  For those of you that don’t know, my full-time job is at Scripps Networks, home of HGTV, Food Network, DIY, FLN, GAC and the Travel Channel.  We have a beautiful campus here in Knoxville, TN and I absolutely love working for such an amazing company.  Recently we added a new building onto our campus and are beginning to move in the employees that have been scattered around West Knoxville for the past few years.  I have worked there for over 5 years now, and just today, on the beautiful day that it was, I decided to take a photo walk on my lunch break and explore the campus.  So of course, wearing my flip flops of all shoes (I won’t be doing that tomorrow) I took off to see what it was that I could see.

First off I headed around the front of our building and encountered a redbud tree!  I had to capture a picture of that since they are actually beginning to fall already!  (What with the 90 degree weather we are having and all)

After that I wandered around to the tulips that were blooming and took an great capture of a yellow tulip at the only time you ever can take a picture of the inside and get no shadow!

After that I decided to go where in 5 years I had never gone before!!  To the other side of the lake!!  🙂  Okay so I’d been around to the other side of the lake, but not as far as today.  We have a little gazebo on the hill on the far side of the lake and I had never trekked to it.  So off I went to see our perfect little getaway spot.

And right outside the gazebo were some tulips that hadn’t quite opened up!  I love this one that I captured and I’m glad I got it then because I’m sure by tomorrow it will be wide open in bloom.

And last but not least, I wanted to show you the view from the gazebo!  Here it is, what is now the “old” building and up there on the second floor is what will be my new home in a few months.  When that happens, I’ll have officially lived on all 3 floors of the “old” building.  Maybe then I’ll try out the new one!  Speaking of, if you look to the reflection on the left side of the building, you will see the reflection of the new building.

Well I hope you enjoyed my tour today and I’m feeling incredibly inspired to do another one tomorrow if the weather is as perfect as it was today!

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you back here next time around!


One thought on “Lunch Wanderings

  1. Beautiful! I love the photo journal!! You have the photography eye!! Congratulations!!!

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