e-Session at the Biltmore

It was a wonderful start to the weekend as my husband and I journeyed to the Biltmore Estate to enjoy the day with our friends Jennifer Canatsey and Cade Long, who happen to be engaged and wanted me to take their engagement pictures.  Okay, so would you say no??  I didn’t think so!!  🙂  It was just a perfect day as the little bit of rain fell when we went through the house, and the clouds allowed for some softer light instead of the dreaded harsh light at 4:30 when we started taking pictures.  We found all kinds of neat little nooks and crannies to take pictures in and of course the gardens provided a lot of beauty!!  I posted a few of the edited pics on my Facebook Fan page, but for those that don’t Facebook, here are some of my favorites that I have edited so far.  I still have a lot to go through still, so there will inevitably be more.

This view was from the terrace on the side of the house.

By the reflecting pools.

Loved the spontaneous moment!  So glad I had the camera at the ready!

The rose garden was a magnificent place with a million photo opportunities.  It was hard to choose just a few, but these two made every pictures so great with their smiles and enjoyment of the day!  It was so nice to photograph friends and at the same time enjoy the gardens with them.

Jennifer had made mention while we were touring the Biltmore that she had hydrandgea’s, so when we passed this on our way to change and freshen up for the garden shots, I had to take this picture!!  What a beautiful plant, and the center of each flower looked just like a little pearl, like Jenn’s engagement ring.  I don’t know that I’ve ever taken a close look at the inside of a hydrandgea plant before.  How beautiful are the details of God’s creations!!

I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures, and I do hope to have more up on the blog soon.  Now off to edit more pictures!!

Until next time…


One thought on “e-Session at the Biltmore

  1. Loved the second picture of the couple; also the ring picture was the best of all the ring pictures…We weren’t wild about the other two. This was unique and subtle. Very nice.

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