Ironman 2

Last night as a suprise to my husband I decided to take him out for two of his favorite things.  One was a first for both of us.  I had never been to Menchies out in Turkey Creeek, but it has frozen yogurt and my husband is a huge fan of yogurt.  I had received a gift card so after he dropped off some things for work we headed over there.  I took a sweatshirt and we sat out side because it was chilly last night, just like a spring evening should be.  It made me crave a campfire and some roasted marshmellows. 

Well the first surprise was really a diversion.  The real suprise was tickets to go see Ironman!!  🙂  We missed the first minute of the movie, but it was well worth seeing and it was fun to snuggle with no armrest in between, however I think I need a back massage before I can be comfortable ever again!  The weight on my shoulders from carrying around the camera has really knotted up my back.  I need to head on down to Natural Alternatives in Beardon, the place I’ve gotten the best massage ever, and get a tune up for my back.  I honestly think it will be worth it to put that in my budget and get one every 6 months or so. 

Vertict?  He loved it!!  He smiled all giddy like a little kid and was so excited to see the movie!  I love when I get it right and can pull off a fun time. Oh course I love action flicks too, so it was well worth seeing.  If you go and see it.  It’s worth staying through the credits…that’s all I’m saying! 

Until next time…


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