Since my business has taken off, I am now having to clean and organize my house so that when clients come over to view their pictures they can see not only a clean and organized home, but beautiful work on the walls.  That is what I am currently working on.  The art in the living room, the stairway and the office.  Decorating with works of art that I have done both in canvas, framed artwork and groupings of photos.  I am even working on what pictures and how to decorate the downstairs bathroom so that if clients use that they will see more ways to display their family photos on the wall. 

Not only do I want my home to be a place where clients can see the work displayed, but I have wanted to get pictures up on the wall for awhile, so this is one way to get to it!  I am hoping to spend the next couple of weeks deciding on the pictures, picking out frames and then by the beginning of July I hope to have all the pictures up on display!  🙂   Then my client viewing sessions will be easier as they can see options that they may want in their homes. 

I’ll update with pictures when I get them up!  Keep your eyes out for the new look of my client viewing area.

Until next time…

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