The Swans are Born!

Across the street from where I work is the back side of the Parkwest Hospital.  They have a pond with a fountain in it and over the years they have grown it into a very nice place to relax or to go and walk.  A few years ago they planted trees and paved the walking trail.  There were ducks there but soon after three swans arrived.  That has been fun in itself to watch the babies in the spring, and this year I saw quite a few turtles so I’m not sure if that is a new addition or not.

The one noticeable change this year was first that one swan was gone, and then that the female had made a nest and was laying on some eggs!  How fun!!  Well yesterday three of those little baby swans, (a baby swan is called a cygent), were born and today the mom is still sitting on top of the other two eggs.  I was able to capture some pretty close pictures although I should have taken the 70-200mm f/2,8 lens and I would have been able to get a little closer without getting so close to the nest.

This is a story that I have been documenting for some time as I wanted to tell this as a story.  So here is the beginning of the story of course, in picture format!  Here is a beginning of the story.

Momma was comfortable to sit on the nest in the sun with her  back to the wall most days.

When people came to look at the mom, dad was right there to protect and try to bite the ankles or toes of anyone who came too close!

Another time when I stopped by mom was actually off of the nest and I got to see that there would soon be 5 baby cygents joining the family.

Today was the day!!  Though they were born yesterday, I stopped by today to capture a few images of the little ones.

Here is one of the images of them trying to sleep.  The would peck at each other and then curl up and go to sleep.  So cute!

Keep your toes back!

And here they are huddled up by mom.

Well that’s all I have time to tell right now.  I have lots more pictures to look through, so more will be coming, but I hope you have enjoyed hearing all about the baby cygents.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “The Swans are Born!

  1. Just like on the Wonderful World of Disney! I remember the great pictures from their nature series. I’ve never seen baby swans, but they sure are cute!

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