The Beginning of a New Decade

Yesterday was my 39th birthday and HUGE thank you to my husband who made is so very special for me!  Not only did he start my day off beautifully, but he ended it so nicely as well. 

My husband has been listening me talk about needing to go and get a back massage on and off for the last month or two, so his gift was just that!  A gift card to Spa Visage to go and get a lovely 1 hour deep-tissue massage!  I have definitely decided that money needs to be allotted for this reason at least every 3 – 6 months.  I have read and heard so much about the one thing that photographers really do damage to, and that is their backs.  I understand them after working in the field now, (and I don’t even lug half of the equipment that some photographers do) as when I come home from a 2 hour shoot and have to upload and process pictures, I feel the strain in my shoulders and my back.  So if like any other sport/skill you have to take care of your body, I believe that this will be a preventative to future back problems. 

Other things that made my birthday special were cards from a few dear friends and a beautiful new wall hanging quilted by my mom.  I will post a picture tomorrow of our “Three Cool Cats”.  My mom did such an amazing job matching the wall color without so much as a swatch so the browns, cream, yellows all look like they were made to hang on that wall.  I am excited to be hostessing a baby shower this Sunday at my house, so I get to showcase her work to my friends. 

The day ended with a fabulous dinner at the Chop House with my husband and afterwards curling up with him on the couch to watch “When in Rome”.  It was a good, not great, but funny comedy that had some real moments of hilarity!   There was one line in the movie that had us in stitches for about 10 minutes.  We laughed so hard.  I’m not sure I can quote it correctly but it was a single guy saying “Let’s hook up with some ladies and you leave the one who knows more about wookies with THIS”.  Oh I surely believe you have to see it to get the full impact, but we determined that was the best line of the movie!  🙂 

So today I start my new decade – as my mother told me.  I may only be 39 in birthday years, but today is the start of my 40th year.  I just don’t get to celebrate it for another year!  🙂  LOL  I love my mom! 

Stay tuned to see new pictures and of course a pictures of “Three Cool Cats”! 

Until next time…


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