Two Cats in Need of a Good Home

Two cats that we have watched for the past 6 months have finally been captured for good.  These two cats we first saw when they were very little and the orange cat had a limp and a gash on his leg.  We would try to catch them and they would run like lightning when we got close.  The female calico was very protective of her brother (we believe they are siblings) but they never seemed to have a home, and although some people up the street “claimed” that they were taking care of them, they were always skinny and didn’t ever seem to have a spot to call home.  They dissappeared for a few months in the winter and we thought that they had been taken in and given a good home, but in the spring they reappeared skinny and since both my husband and I have extremely soft hearts towards animals, we began leaving them food that occassionally they would eat.  In the last 4 weeks, we have been feeding them twice a day and giving them fresh water and the male orange cat would let me pet him and finally hold him, but we didn’t want to seperate them, so we determined if we were going to help them find a good home, we needed to get them both. 

Yesterday my husband was able to get a hold of a humane trap that has a pressure plate that if the cats step on it, the door behind them shuts.  Amazingly, the little one did go in and that was the one we had been unable to touch.  So last night before heading out to Bible study, we put them both in our downstairs bathroom.  They are scared but doing better this morning after a quite night in the house.  They have food, water and litter and they have even used the litter, so they must have been inside somewhere.  The female cat has allowed us to pet her and I even had her purring this morning.  However, the male cat is very scared and stays as close to a corner as he can.  We are unsure how his injury happened, but hope that we can let him know that humans can be loving and will care for them.  All of our cats and the two strays were treated with Advantage and our cats are contained upstairs. 

If anyone has room for two sweet cats that really need a loving home, here is a sneak peek at them.  They are adorable!!  We would keep them if we had the room, but 3 females in one small townhouse is too much!  So if you have room and a soft spot in your heart for some cats in need of good loving, please let me know.  We are searching and we hope to have a good home for them in a few days. 


One thought on “Two Cats in Need of a Good Home

  1. Really, really cute cats. If Zip did not live here I would take them in a minute…my favorite color is the undernourished one. I see why you felt bad for them.

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