Pregnant Kitty

Well the two strays are beginning to feel a little more at home and not so skittish in the bathroom.  They are using the litter so they must have been in someone’s home at some point in time.  Yesterday the little female flopped over and oh, she looked like she was showing off something.  Well tomorrow I take them both to the vet to get them checked out and also to hopefully get the male cat fixed.  There has been some significant amounts of food being eaten and lots of affections shown now by both kitties.  I bought them a bed the first night so they wouldn’t have to sleep on just a blanket, and here is a picture of them I took this morning in the bed.  

The little one is the female.  She was baking bread here in this picture!  She is most likely malnourished, so if she is pregnant, I hope it is still in the early stages and she can get the nourishment that she needs.  I’m not sure how long we will be keeping them.  We would like to place them together in a good home.

Tomorrow’s vet visit should tell us a lot.  We are praying they are both okay.

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