Cat drama

This week has been a transition for us and the new additions to our household at least for the next few weeks.  The male cat has a wound on his paw so we know that we will be feeding them for at least anoother week before we finish up the antibiotics.  We also have decided to have them spayed and nuetered so we need to take them one more time to the vet for that fun task!  🙂 

Wednesday night we decided to let them out to wander in the downstairs of the townhouse and well, that was an adventure we don’t want to recount again!  Needless to say they were fine for awhile and then at some point in time in the night they went in to hiding.  I woke up and fed our cats and then after 10 minutes of not being able to find the others I woke my husband and we both began to search the house.  Nothing.  Not under the couches, not behind the furniture or in it.  Not in the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen.  We began to look in cabinets and finally I had to get ready for work. 

My husband put out a can of tuna in hopes that would lure them out and although he heard movement a few times, there was nothing to be seen when he went downstairs.  Finally on the phone with him I suggested he move the only other thing in the house we hadn’t moved.  We had moved the fridge out and nothing was behind, but the stove hadn’t been moved.  Well what do you know, but there they were!  The male took off and broke a glass in his path, but ran right upstairs into the bathroom, so we had one!  Lynn finally got the other one out as I drove home to help calm them down.  They seem to really like me and are more afraid of Lynn.  I’m not sure it if is his voice, his height, or if they had been abused by a human male.  It took them some time to calm down, but I was able to get them in the downstairs bathroom and give him his antibiotics and then some tuna to take the yucky taste out of his mouth.  So last night we didn’t let them out, but we may let them out again sometime this weekend.  

So for now, we hopefully have no more cat drama, but next week we are getting them fixed, so they may or may not like us after that visit too!  🙂  If anyone is looking for 2 cats that need some good loving, let us know.  We still want to place them in a good home together. 

Until next time…


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