Weekend Baptism

This past weekend I had the privelege of going to a local park and seeing my dear friend’s son get baptized!  Karen and I met when I first started working here at Scripps.  We have the same birth month, so she takes me out to eat for my birthday and two weeks later I take her out for her birthday.  She was in my wedding, and being invited to this special event in her sons life was definitely a privelege.   The kids had fun on the big swing before everyone got there and I was able to get some great pictures of them while I sat on the other end of the swing and their mamaw pushed us.  Dillon kept wanting to go faster!  He was full of energy that morning.

Here he is trying to get in the water himself!

After their godparents had arrived, the pastor led us in a quick prayer before going out with Kendall to baptize him.

I have been to one other lake baptism and they were both very special.  The funniest part about this one was that the pastor decided to get baptized as well!  Not really, but those lake rocks can be slick and he went right down even before Kendall did.   Kendall made it out safely and after answering questions about his faith and if he knew that he had accepted Jesus as his personal savior, just a few moments and he came up as a new creation in Christ!!  What a blessing.  He was so excited and Karen told me later that he glowed all the rest of the day!

For the blessing of friends and family and of the greatest gift of salvation I am thankful!!  May Christ be glorified in your life for all of your days Kendall!


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