The old gang reunites!!

It has been a year since we have seen each other all together in one place, that is my old singles group from Lynchburg, VA – Rivermont Pres.  We have managed to stay connected even though some have married and some have moved away, we seem to always make it back together to catch up and hang out!  This time we were together to celebrate the wedding of Stephen and Brianne Bell.  I have fond memories of the times we spent at the Bell’s house watching movies and having deep discussions, my parents house playing games, my townhouse having bible study, and the Brown’s house where we had many bonfires!!  Oh the years have passed on by and some have come and gone, but there is a core that remains of our group!  Tim and John – the infamous Brown brothers!  Steve-O,  Heather, Joy, Rachel and myself.  So many changes have taken place so here is a bit of the story.

Rachel left first and moved away to the DC area, but always came back in to visit as she had family in the area.  I still have a picture of us outside a restaurant after lunch one Sunday.

Rachel married Joey and soon they had a little Joey to add to the group.  A few years later I tied the knot to my sweetheart Grady Lynn and became a Bell myself.  Just a week ago Steve tied the knot with his lady to add another number to our group!

Now wait, there is more!!  Tim just got engaged to his lovely lady Allison and they will be tying the knot in October (another reunion I hope!).

Not to top that news, but to add to our numbers, Rachel is pregnant with her second little one and I can’t wait to find out if it will be a boy or a girl!   Little Joey himself is a ham and a handful!

One other thing, we finally got to meet Heather’s boyfriend Mark!!  🙂  Such a nice guy.  We hope to get to know you more next time Mark, but it was fun the short time that we had with you.

So this is our story and this is the gang.  I am very thankful for some wonderful friends that stayed in touch through the years.  So many friends drift away in time, but not you guys!!  Let’s keep this old gang together!!  Can’t wait to see you all again!


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