Blankets a plenty!!

As many of you who know me, and for those of you who don’t, I don’t sit still very well.  I like to be accomplishing something.  Doing work, being productive.  I have a hard time sitting still and watching a movie at home when I can see something that needs dusting, stuff that needs to be put up, or dishes that need to get done.  Well, I have a new way to combat this inability to sit still, and my mom helped me, by teaching me how to crochet over New Years weekend this past year.  I really loved learning it after watching her do it my entire life (not kidding, since she self-taught herself after my older brother was born) and I have picked up on it quickly.  I have put the skill to good use this year with a wave of babies being born this year.

The one baby blanket I’m working on now is pea green and it will be headed overseas to Germany when I’m finished with it.   I only have a few more baby blankets to make this year, and then then I look to be done for at least a little while.   It has been particularly fun to vary the colors of the blanket.  Thinking of the parents I try to match the personality of the mom and dad as well as the coming child to the color of the blanket.  It is fun to explore what that means and then pray over the blankets as I make each one.  For both the mom and dad as they raise the child, and for the little baby and that he/she will grow in faith and in godliness as he/she grows up.

Beginning with a simple single stitch crochet pattern, I have now learned a new shell stitch pattern and am making scarves and baby blankets using this new pattern.  I enjoy the down time in front of the TV snuggling with my hubby and cranking out a scarf or working on part of a baby blanket.  Currently I have to take breaks from editing photographs, so I am starting on some fall colored scarves for an hour here or an hour there.  It is such a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do.  Thanks mom for the lessons!  Your pupil is really enjoying her new craft!

I plan to be at the craft fair this year at Fellowhip with some of my scarves, so stop by if you are looking for one.  The craft fair will be on December 4th and I will also have some of my photography with me for purchase as well.  Christmas is but only 127 days away!!  Loosely translated, that’s only 4 months.

Here are some close up’s of the blankets  and the scarves I am working on and those that are finished.


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