JanaRae and David

Family portraits of young children are a lot of fun and sometimes it seems as you can never get a good picture of just mom and dad.   I try to make sure that I always have a picture or two of just mom and dad, as though they are parents, they are still two people in love with each other and the beginning of the family.  Here was a capture of a slightly posed picture in which JanaRae and David didn’t know that I had the camera focused on just them!  I love the smiles and the love that is reflected in this picture!  I especially like that all I had to do was widen the shot and I had the family together.  There are still quite a few to sort through, but here is one of my favorite captures of just JanaRae and David aka Mom and Dad!  So remember, it’s a lot about the family and the little ones, but it’s still about the basis of the family.  I hope you enjoy the moment as much as I did.


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