All Smiles

I wish I had more time to edit photos and keep up with my blog and work on my photography on the side, but with the call of work, the call of school in the evenings and photo assignments taking up my weekends and evenings, my time is so limited this semester!  So with that in mind, here is an image taken at a newborn shoot a few weeks ago!  This little boy needed a little time in the spotlight while little Henry was taking a bottle and getting ready to go back to dreamland!  Justin really wanted to be in some of the pictures and so at first I got him involved by helping to hold some things for me!  🙂  To see kids help out and get involved in a photo shoot is usually a great thing and then you can capture some great images of them after they have warmed up to you.  He really didn’t need too much warming up, but once he had his moment in the spotlight he was a ham and a half!!    Here he is goofy grin and all.

I wish I had an hour just to photograph him!  Thanks buddy for having so much fun with the time we had!


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