What a wonderful session we had with miss Bella yesterday!  It was a gorgeous day, beautiful light and we soon had a happy baby on our hands!!  🙂  Bella had eaten before she got there, but decided she needed second dinner before she would smile for the camera!  She is starting to get curious about things and and she looked so darling surrounded by all the purple and later the pink.  I always bring things with me on my shoot, but nothing made her more happy than the pink and purple boa’s!!  Daddy will soon be on the hunt for a new present for his daughter…a little “Diva” in her own right.  She had her own little bracelet and her own matching bows!!  And oh that red hair!!  I wish I could have played with her the whole time instead of taking her pictures, but she was so adorable in that little dress!! 

So here is a sneak peek and soon I’ll have more edits up for you to see.  If you are planning on a family shoot this fall, let me know as the leaves are just starting to peak, so in a few weeks it will be prime time to get those sessions in before it is gone for the year and the snow comes!  Okay, so maybe I’m dreaming of the snow, but I would love to see it come down white and beautiful this winter. But that is for another day! 

Until next time….here’s Miss Bella!


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