Brown Wedding – Old Gang Reunites

Three months ago I shared a story of the old Lynchburg, VA gang that reunited once again for Steve and Brianne Bell’s wedding.  Well here is the continuation of that story!

This time it’s fall.  Only a few months later, but beautiful in the mountains of Virgina and so off we went to yet another wedding of the old gang!  This time it was Tim’s turn!  Tim’s finance Allison we had met at Steve’s wedding, and today was the day to watch them join together as husband and wife!  I have never seen a bride more enthusiastic to get to the “you may kiss the bride” part of the wedding, but it was a celebration of LOVE!  You could see on the faces of both Tim and Allison that the love they felt for each other was meant to last forever.

We met my parents at the hotel and got a chance to catch up with them before the wedding, and at the reception I was able to snag them for a beautiful picture of them!!  I love it and now have a print on my wall at home of them.  You can see the picture below.

We left the wedding and headed to the reception which was held in a barn with real horses!!  I didn’t take any pictures of them as they had carrots for you to feed the horses and since I had a few years of riding horses with my best friend in middle school I love horses!!  We used to ride bareback and walk barefoot around their farm (smart I’m sure, but we were kids)  So I just spent my time petting the horses.  Of course it was a little cool until we got into the reception hall, but then it was catching up with Steve and Brianne, John, Joy – who I never really got to catch up with much (bummer – catch me up on you Joy!  Hope you are well) Heather and a little bit with Tim and Allison, although they were slightly preoccupied.  There were a bunch of my parents friends from Rivermont so it was nice to hug their necks and talk and catch up there too.

The only people we were missing were Rachel and Joey and little Joey and their little one that is due in Jan!   Bummer we had to miss them, as we had planned to do a photo shoot with Rachel in the morning.  Next time girl!  There is a group shot of us below, minus you guys.

In the morning we had breakfast where John, Heather, Lynn and I and the Browns caught up.  The omlette bar was amazing and I had to have a second!  🙂  Then it was off to a local cafe, a comic store, a walk around the town and an antique store where we both picked up little treasures and then it was on the road again home!

So Rachel, it’s your turn to get us together in the spring after your little arrival has come and is settled in!  Looking forward to another excuse to get-together!!  I love all you guys, Heather thanks for catching up, Joy, it was good to see you, John, thanks for the swing dance – I think we made all the girls want to dance with you!, Steve – what no new bathroom story??  and Tim and Allison – CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Check out the pictures below for more of the story.

Tim watching his bride come down the aisle!

I don’t think there ever was a happier bride!!  🙂

Man and Wife!!  Sealed with a beautiful kiss!

A beautiful picture of my parents!!

A quick capture of the other Bells

Lynn making my mom laugh!  This is always a wonderful sight to behold.  I love you sweetheart!

Tim and Allison’s first dance

Silhouette of Allison dancing with her father

John and Steve

The old gang minus Rachel, Joey and Little Joey (and the soon to be new addition to their family)


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