Mt. Calvary Baptist Fire

I received an update from Linked-In and in it I discovered that Mt. Calvary Baptist Church has been destroyed by a fire last night!  Just 5 months ago in July I photographed a wedding there.  The fire is still under investigation as to the cause, but I will be sure to upload a picture that I captured of the outside of the church prior to the wedding.  The church has a beautiful steeple, and the wood interior was beautiful!  Here is a link to one of the beautiful photos I have of Mt. Calvary Baptist

My prayers are with you in the season!!  I am so glad to hear of other churches opening their doors so you can worship.  I do hope that the gym did not get damaged and will provide you a location to meet in temporarily until the next steps are taken to restore or build a new home for your congregation. 

God will supply all your needs in Christ Jesus.   Please let us know how we can help as the body of Christ!


Noelle Bell Photography


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