2011 Changes to come

Noelle Bell Photography has quite a few changes that will take place in 2011.  I’m excited, nervous and thrilled with so many of the changes.  I can let you in on just a few little details now, but most will be revealed when the change occurs.  Most importantly, my husband will be getting his office back!  Complete with the desk my father built for him, file cabinets, bookcases galore, a recliner and the constant company of some of our cats! 

The changes will happen slowly but small changes have already taken place.  I am anxious to recover the chair that was my grandmothers in a fabric other than pink!  My mom recovered it at one time and has now passed that off as a gift to us.  If anyone in the Knoxville area knows of any good recommendations of a company that recovers furniture, please let me know.  We are also looking to find a good fabric for the chair.  Interior decorators, speak up!! 

Then comes the finding of a good rug!  I need two area rugs.  One will need to be a plush cream colored rug and the other will be a plush rug of a color yet to be determined!  (I have to find the right fabric to recover the chair in first before I can compliment the rug and area with a color choice).  Then on to finding a desk that will serve as my office desk and display and I’m still in the idea stages of what it will look like. (I think I’ll be tuning in to watch a lot of HGTV in the coming weeks) 

Other changes that will be happening is a restructuring of how I do business in 2011.  The first  mentioned was in home client consultations, and the second will be in home client viewing after each session.  For now, that is all I have to share, but stay tuned for new changes in the new year! 

Until next time…


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