Engagement Photo Knoxville, TN Photographer, Stacie & Andy

This image is one of the many that I took a few months ago when I captured the moments of Stacie and Andy’s engagement story.  I tried a few times last year to tweak this image, but it never came out in a way that I liked it.  I have two variations that I really like right now, so I thought I would take a minute to share the images both with you and for Stacie and Andy this is their first look at the second image!

So here is the story of the image:

Shortly after arriving at Fellowship where Stacie and Andy and myself were meeting to start the engagement session, they suggested a photo that they wanted to try, so we went into the prayer chapel and started the fireplace and I worked to capture the image.  With no light I worked with an LED light from David Ziser so the camera would focus on their faces.  I tried a silhouette first, but it was hard to make out and they really wanted to capture the emotion of praying together in a posture that was familiar to them and that captured the essence of their spiritual journey together with the Lord.  The little bit of light that showed on their face was due to a lengthy shutter opening.  I didn’t have my tripod with me, so my knees became my tripod, and although after first glance at this image, I didn’t think we captured it, after some time and a second look I began to play with the images.

Here are the two images and the differences are extreme.  Let me know which one is your favorite and if so why!  I’d love to hear from you!

Here is the closest to the original after editing

And here is the second image with further edits and a different feel

Stacie and Andy, it was a blessing to capture the intimate moments of the story of you!  May God bless you both as you prepare for your upcoming wedding!!  It’s going to be a beautiful story!

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “Engagement Photo Knoxville, TN Photographer, Stacie & Andy

  1. I love the second and that you were able to bring out our faces. I will want a print of this!

  2. Hi Andy and Stacie…Congratulations!
    May your engagement and wedding be
    a successful journey…Ec 4:12 & Eph 5:33.
    I like the second photo better because to
    me it allows you to see the bond they have
    and to feel their emotions and love.

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