Knoxville, TN Link to Pursuing the Dream

Here is a link to a photography couple in Nashville, TN that I admire and look to for some of my inspiration as well as a little coaching in balancing a career with a solid foundation of faith.  Zach and Jody Gray are blowing the doors off of the wedding photography business and their work is amazing.  I love that they are not only husband and wife working together doing what they love, but they share a strong faith in my Lord which technically makes them my brother and sister in Christ.  I have been given an opportunity to meet with them in the Spring to sit down for a mentoring session with them.  I am VERY excited about the opportunity!!  So many questions, so much to talk about and so little time I’m sure. 

So if you are interested in a reading their amazing article on pursuing your dream, read on here and enjoy! 

Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday!



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