Behind the lens again!

Oh, it was so much fun to get behind the lens of my camera last night!  It has been too long!  It took me a few minutes to find a few of the parts to set up my softbox, but I had the coffee brewing and the set up complete by the time the client arrived and I was ready!  We had such a wonderful time capturing images and it was made even more fun by the fact that she brought a friend along to help.  And wow did we have fun with those amazing pillows I bought for my couch.  I never thought they would work so well as props!

For the last month I have been working away at my business and the hard part is that it has been mostly paperwork and taxes and lots and lots of details.  So getting behind the camera, well it was hard to find the time.   But the business side is a necessary part of moving my photography forward, and so I plug away at it.  I’m excited for my new marketing materials to get here and to start working on the networking aspect with these materials, but I’m even more excited to get behind the camera and start capturing images and showcasing the beauty that is in every person I have the honor of making a work of art! 

This coming week I will be showcasing some of the images from my friends wedding reception last year that I had the honor of photographing.  So many familiar faces, new faces, and some adorable children’s faces that I could have taken pictures of all night if I wanted to!  🙂  I will have more images from the spring sessions as time allows in the coming weeks.  I promise that 2011 will be a much better year for consistant blogging.

So stay tuned for more images this week and in the coming months there are more sessions and weddings on the books that will showcase so many beautiful people! 

Until next time…


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