Beautiful Visual Art, Knoxville TN prints

I’m so excited to begin offering framing for my clients!  I bought some frame corners at Imaging USA from a wonderful company and my samples have just come in!   For years my father has been the framer of the family and now he has passed the baton on to me, I guess you could say.  He did pass off to me his Framemaster tools that I am really looking forward to going home tonight and putting my first image into it’s frame.  This frame was not purchased from the new company, but what I must say is that the right frame will make a printed image look complete!  I’m excited to purchase a frame for my 16×20 image in black and white that is just a WOW image for me.  When I get that one framed, I’ll show you the before and after.

So in the coming months, there will be a transformation to Noelle Bell Photography’s studios as in addition to my canvases and float wraps, there will be finished completed works of art on the wall for people to see.  The first selection that I am excited to hang on the wall is a cluster of 2 – 11×14 framed images on either side of a 20×30 that will go over my couch in the living room!  This will be the first images that anyone walking into my studio or office will see.  The images have arrived and I have framed them already.  I just can’t wait to hang them up tonight and see what they look like over the couch!

So here is a sneak peek of one of the pictures in their new home!



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