Last night our small group celebrated three of the guys in our group who have February birthdays!  I wish I had brought my camera with me because the cake and the guys each blowing out 1/3 of the candles cracked me up!!   It was a nice night to relax and hang out with everyone! 

When I got home, even though I hadn’t had any cake, I was feeling the lbs from my latte at Coffee and Chocolate where my husband and I went before small group.  I really wanted to get some work done and didn’t want to be in the house…cabin fever I guess.  So now that I am over my head cold, I decided I needed to get my butt back to the gym so I can accomplish my goal of getting in shape and losing some weight!  I bike 30 minutes which translates to approximately 3 miles, the regular routine I have done this year, but I decided to push it and I went for 41 minutes and 4.25 miles and burned at least 200 calories!!  (well at least the latte’s gone!)  It felt good, so I did some situps and pushups and some work with a few weights to start toning my arms!!  (I need to if I’m going to carry the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens around all day at weddings!) 

This is day two of the week since Monday my husband and I walked a mile around our subdivision and that felt good.  I have Advanced Digital Imaging tonight, so I most likely won’t do anything tonight, but tomorrow I hope to run home and get in a workout before heading to a photography meeting that evening.  Three days is my goal, and by April 1st I’m hoping to be down at least a size!  

Does anyone else have a weight goal that they are trying to achieve?  Share your story and if you have given yourself measurable goals!  Without those, it’s much harder to achieve the goal.

Please share motivation if you have just accomplished something like this too!  I would love to hear the encouragement too!

Talk to you soon! 🙂


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