Weather in Knoxville

On Monday the weather in Knoxville was one of the worst with torrential rain and flooding, but Tuesday the sun came out to wash it all away!  Of course, in the course of the day, the rain had also done it’s fair share of washing things away!  There were impassable roads,

What was normaly a 8 mile drive to work that takes about 10 -15 minutes,  took me 45 minutes to make the return trip!  Simple roads that you would think would be okay were flooded and you had to do your best to get around them without finding another road that was blocked.  When I arrived home the floodwaters had receeded from my road, but my subdivision still had bad flooding in it.  Here are some of the pictures I took as I walked around examining the damage.  Thankfully our townhouse is higher up and on the other side of where the creek became a roaring river, so we did not have any damage.

I don’t think the covers are supposed to be off like this, but there was a lot of water, and I can only surmise that the pressure from the flooding pushed this off, as there were many more like this along the path of the river.  About 2 hours earlier this was underwater, from a neighbors report.

This is further down an behind the gym at our complex where the is a playground to the right and basketball courts to the left.  Both had been underwater, and the basketball court still had water covering it. 

Here is my little beauty amongst the flood, these branches full of water were sparkling like jewels!  If the sun had come out to hit the branches it would have been beautiful!

I had to run back out to pick up my medicine and cat food as they were completely out after I fed them, and here is the devestation that was Catholic High Schools beautiful walking trail!  It has been and always will be a favorite walking trail of both mine and my husbands.  It may take a few days for this water to receed, but it did block traffic going up Cedar Bluff to Middlebrook Pike.

Here is another view of the massive amount of water that accummulated there.  I’m guessing the green grass won’t be to far behind after this good soaking! 

And last but not least after cutting through Catholic to head up Cedar Bluff, I saw this!  The back of the rectory was also the continuation of the walking trail.  This shows how completely covered it was. 

I’ll have some new photos of Spring in the next post, and then more images from some of my latest sessions! 

Happy March everyone…Spring is on the way!!  I can just feel it!

Until next time…


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