A Tribute to Mom’s – Portrait Photography

This past weekend I had the privilege of photographing my good friend Julie and her mom for some promotional materials I will be using in the coming months.  Mom’s and daughters are so much fun to watch, and I love the unique expressions of each one!  Linda was particularly fun to capture as she started off the session by telling me that she didn’t take a good photograph.  I told her that wasn’t true, and of course, I was right.  Julie is incredibly photogenic, and so I’m sure she must have gotten that from her mom!  Here is a beautiful capture I got of Linda while the two of them were relaxed and they didn’t know what exactly I was doing!  What a beautiful smile!

It was special to photograph them as it brought back the memory of how few pictures that I have of my mom and I together in the last few years.  We used to have lots of us together, but time and distance and sometimes just the enjoyment of both being behind the camera, we never seem to be in them together.  So it is my solemn oath that in April when I go to VA to see them, and my sister-in-law and niece are in from CA, I WILL bring the tripod so we can get everyone in the image and we will do a mom and daughter session and I’ll hand over the camera to Dad!  He was the original family photographer, so I’m sure they will come out just fine.  No more excuses, no complaining about not liking how I look, just get in there and savor the memories while they are here to be made.  That I will do!  (Now to get Mom to do this too! )

So if you haven’t had pictures made of you and your mom together, remember, Mothers make the world special just by being in it!  Update the memories of you both together before another month or year passes.  Contact me for details if you are interested, but if nothing else, pull out your camera and snap a few off yourself.  Some day you will be eternally grateful you did.

Miss you mom.  I love you!!

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