Engagement Images, Stacie and Andy

For those of you who had a chance to attend the wedding of Stacie Hocke and Andy Johnson Saturday, March 12th, here are some sneak peeks from their engagement session.  Andy and Stacie have been such a joy to get to know and I can honestly say how wonderful it is when your clients become your friends!  Not only is their story an example of God’s perfect timing, but of God’s extreme love poured out on two wonderful people. 

This is one of my favorites and it’s a canvas in my studio!

I love the way they are so engaged with each other.  I’m not sure they even knew I was there.

Okay, another fav!  They love dancing and are so good at it!

Oh the love

And the coy fun! 

And when it’s all said and done, Andy and Stacie have prayed for this moment, waited for God’s perfect timing, and after all the years, God’s love has opened up in blessing for the both of them! 

I am culling through the hundreds of images from their wedding!  It is going to be so hard to pick!  There are so many great ones!  I promise to follow this post up with a few of the moments from their day!  Just give me a day or two, and if you haven’t already seen them, the sneak peeks are up on my FB page.  

It was a beautiful wedding and not only did the sun shine through it all, but God did too!   

Keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek in a few days.



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