Bridal Portrait, Knoxville Wedding Photographer

Sunday evening I had the opportunity to capture images of Jessica Mary in her gorgeous wedding dress that she picked up at a consignment shop for a song!!  I love the lace and the antique feel of it, and she looks fabulous in it too.  We did a session that took us from the campus of Pellissippi to the neighbor’s house to the studio.  Here is my favorite photo from the studio session that I have processed thus far.  This was a pose that not many brides prefer, a profile shot, but I wish we would take more of them.  This image is so classic in it’s feel and reminds me of an painting.  Oh course the backdrop helps with that too.  There is another image from our session on my Facebook fan page, so check it out if you have a minute!  It was good prep for another bridal session coming in April, but that one will be of the bride and groom.

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2 thoughts on “Bridal Portrait, Knoxville Wedding Photographer

  1. Dad and I both really loved this picture…classic is the right word. You are right, it has the look of a painting. Very nice. Beautiful dress as well

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