Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Knoxville TN

2011 brings a new avenue to Noelle Bell Photography!  Now serving up cookies and coffee in my own home where I have set up a small studio and a home office.  The days of meeting at coffeehouses without the abundance of coffee creamer flavors to choose from are now long gone.  There is a beautiful living area where the studio has been set up and since we rarely eat at the dining room table that room has been converted into a beautiful office space! 

So sit back and enjoy a tour into Noelle Bell Photography. 

As you walk in your ears pick up the soft strains of music as you are greeted by a member of Noelle Bell Photography.  Your eyes scan over a comfortable living area with satin and textured pillows on sofas that you can sink into with cherry furnishings and beautiful images hung on the walls of children, families and couples.  The scent of fresh baked cookies wafts through the air along with a wonderful aroma of coffee coming from the office.  From the living room, depending on the day, you can see the backdrop hung against the wall ready for the next creative session where beautiful images will be captured. 

As you walk past the open kitchen your eyes move towards the office, the comfortable seating arrangements, the coffee table stretched out in front of the seating area where magazines, sample albums and products sit. more wall displays and the large monitor for viewing your images after your session.  There are two nice chairs to sink into for a consultation or a viewing session.

I will post some images at a later point in time, but this is the special treatment that you will receive when you come in to visit Noelle Bell Photography!  There are even chairs for the kids, and toys in the corner for them to play with. 

Until the next time…



One thought on “Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Knoxville TN

  1. How precious and beautiful…bride, little girl, baby, and grandmother.

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